Welcome to the AGCS website. We are a GCCF member club catering for all varieties of the Asian group, established in 1985 by the breed's founder, the late Miranda von Kirchberg. The objects of the AGCS are:
  • to promote the welfare of all cats
  • to promote careful and responsible breeding of all cats within the Asian Group
  • to disseminate information to members on the development of the Asian breed
  • to offer guidance to breeders, exhibitors and pet owners
  • to promote the Asian breed to the general public.

The 5 varieties of the Asian Group are:
  • The Burmilla (Asian Shaded)
  • The Asian Smoke
  • The Asian Tabbies (Ticked, Spotted, Mackerel and Classic)
  • The Asian Self and Tortie (including the Bombay)
  • The Tiffanie (Asian Semi-Longhair)

Officers and Committee of the AGCS
Chairman Hon. Secretary Acting Treasurer
Steve Crow Heather McRae June Gillies
Committee Members
Anita Bryce, Sarndra Devereux, Tommy Goss, Naomi Johnson, Richard McRae, Elisabeth Stark, Margaret Walkden, Sandra Woodley

Please see the Resources page for important club information, including Membership Application, Standard of Points, Registration Policy, Breed Numbering and Genetics.

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