Asian Breed Numbering (GCCF)

Asian Breed Numbers
Breed Number Variety
68 Tiffanie
72 Self/Tortie (including Bombay)
72 38 Spotted Tabby
72 41 Classic Tabby
72 42 Smoke
72 43 Shaded (Burmilla)
72 44 Mackerel Tabby
72 45 Ticked Tabby

Individual colour code letters to be added as per list below. e.g. 72 43bs - Chocolate Shaded Silver Burmilla (full expression). Burmese colour restriction is defined by the addition of the letter "q" as the last character of the breed number, e.g. 68 42aq - Blue Smoke Tiffanie with burmese colour restriction. Silver is denoted by the addition of "s", which always comes before a "q" (if required in a breed number), e.g. 72 38asq - Blue Silver Spotted Tabby with burmese colour restriction.

Full Expression or Burmese Colour Restriction
Full Expression Burmese Colour Restriction
Black - Brown q
Blue a Blue aq
Chocolate b Chocolate bq
Lilac c Lilac cq
Red d Red dq
Black Tortie e Brown Tortie eq
Cream f Cream fq
Apricot fn Apricot fnq
Blue Tortie g Blue Tortie gq
Chocolate Tortie h Chocolate Tortie hq
Lilac Tortie j Lilac Tortie jq
Caramel n Caramel nq
Caramel Tortie p Caramel Tortie pq

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